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Central Plains coil is a collection development, production, sales of large-scale professional manufacturer of induction coils,The main products:Self-adhesive hollow coil, induction coil, the coil toys, radio frequency coils, sensor coils, coil skeleton, wireless charger coil, all kinds of Shaped coil and a coil assembly affixed to sheet product.Zhongyuan coil was founded in 2007,In the coil industry, we have years of experience,We are located in Dongguan, sea, land and air transport facilities.Division I has more than 100 production line workers, the efforts of the Central Plains,Let the quality has been upgrading,Our company has first-class production equipment imported from Korea,Our technology and capacity to provide more support。Central Plains coil has exported to Japan, the United States, South Korea, Italy and other more than 20 countries and regions, Zhongyuan coil develops, Development and Innovation。Our slogan is a reasonable price, efficient production cycle, improve the service. We hope to reach more customers and win the point,Welcome to the new and old customers to contact with us。We will provide super service members,To each client for products and after-sales。
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